Get to know the 90.10. Team

Take a look behind the scenes and learn more about the creative minds who live, steer, and shape 90.10.

Oliver 90.10.


CEO & Development
Since 1989, when he was 21, Oliver has been self-employed with his own companies, as a one-man show or with a team. Each previous company has made a significant contribution to the founding and development of 90.10. For example, programming his own workflow programs has enabled Oliver to develop the QuantumLanguage, which is tuned to 90.10. It is processed through the 90.10. quantum processor and enables the teleportation of energy and frequencies. In 1999 Oliver gained the ability to channel self-healing energy through the body. He deliberately did not use this ability for healing, but rather for research. In 2009 he founded the 90.10. Ltd. He achieved his goal of making this energy accessible to all people in 2011 by developing a prototype of today’s 90.10.-CUBE.

Oliver: “May this technology come to those who support its development and want the best for humanity.”
Juliane 90.10.


Editor & Content Management
Since 2011 at 90.10. and responsible for the written word. Juliane has always had a passion for formulating and, over the years, has developed a delicate sense for language and its effect. Writing is her calling in life - she also pursues it outside of 90.10. as a novelist. She has published more than 20 novels with various publishers, and in her best hybrid style she writes both humor and stories for young adults. For 90.10., she develops web texts and e-mails, maintains the blogs, and revises the subtitles in Oliver's training videos. She also translates into English and manages the translation into other languages. All guides, for example the AffirmationGuide, are written by Juliane.

Juliane: “For me, 90.10. is like a journey on which I make the most amazing discoveries day after day. Always anew it shows me how magnificent creation is and what possibilities it gives to humanity.”
Joa 90.10.


Frequency Design
Joa has been developing frequencies for 90.10 since 2015. Born with the gift of clairvoyance under the South African sun, he experienced his spiritual transformation at the age of 12 and learned about the “true nature” of the universe and of reality. This experience marked the beginning of his many transformations while growing up in a world that made little sense to him. For more than 20 years, Joa has practiced healing on various levels. He also leads meditation groups and teaches the art of energy healing. He has worked closely with numerous seers, clairvoyants, healers, and spiritual teachers from different traditions and different parts of the world. Currently, Joa is multidimensionally aware and focused on developing his abilities for the positive transformation of humanity.

Joa: “Since I met Oliver and felt the 90.10. technology, I have felt great changes and recognize his work with light frequencies, finding my place in sharing and channeling frequencies and information to help the development and this wonderful method of working with energy and consciousness.”
Roland 90.10.


Head of Logistics & Support
Roland has been in charge of logistics at 90.10. since 2020. He is surrounded by several million QEPPs every day and loves it. As "our man at the cubes" he starts the processes of quantum entanglement. In addition, Roland is the head of support. Only people who appreciate the 90.10. products as much as he does work in his logistics and support teams. So, Roland makes sure that every shipment is packed with love and positive energy and every answer is written with empathy and understanding for the questioner.

Roland: “I have been enthusiastic about the 90.10. technology since 2014. I was the first Cube customer, always wear the 90.10. quantum energy on my body and have been able to gain extensive experience with the products and frequencies over the years. To be a part of 90.10. is a privilege for me for which I am very grateful.”
Laura 90.10.


German Voice
For more than 20 years, Laura has worked as a dubbing actress and show host, among other things. She started her career as a teen star, where she reached gold status with her German-language pop music. Laura loves to bring light-filled messages to the world, so she ended up in Oliver’s living room for an interview. But that was only the beginning. After the inspiring encounter, she accepted his offer to become the German voice of 90.10. and to record some of the many texts, especially the guides. With her work and being, she wants to support all living beings on earth to be happy and liberated in their highest potential.

Laura: “Meeting Oliver has changed my life. I’m quite enthusiastic about the 90.10. technology and use it daily for myself and my children.”
Andreas 90.10.


Audio Director & Producer
Music and sound have always been present and important in Andreas’ life. As a teenager he was a DJ in a music club, a little later he learned to play the drums, experienced “wild years” in his own bistro, and helped to establish an indie record label. After a few years as marketing director at a medium-sized company, Andreas worked at a well-known recording studio as a producer and director of voice recordings for eleven years. Looking for the connections in the big picture, he enjoys his spiritual journey and loves to drift wherever it takes him – most recently it took him to 90.10. He is responsible for directing and producing the 90.10. audios and 90.10. audio guides.

Andreas: “I immediately had a good feeling about the wonderful work that is being done at 90.10. When I got to know the people working here, the positive feeling became a constant truth. That I am now allowed to work behind the scenes myself fills me with a lot of joy and gratitude.”
Pit 90.10.


Expert in hard science studies in the field of medicine
Prof. Dr. rer. nat. Peter C. Dartsch investigates the effectiveness of the MedBed and the VirtualCube for 90.10. in appropriate cell culture models and publishes the results in international scientific journals.

Pit studied chemistry and biochemistry. At the Institute of Physiology at the Medical Faculty of the University of Tübingen, he worked on cultivating organ-specific primary cells and establishing in vitro cell culture models for basic research on arteriosclerosis. Finally, he was deputy director of the Institute for Occupational and Social Medicine and when he left the university more than 20 years ago, he founded the private research institute Dartsch Scientific GmbH, which is involved in animal-free cell biological test systems in the field of preclinical research and development. Now retired, he is driven by so many interesting topics in the institute, which gained international renown, that he continues to work on 7 days of the week and is developing new in vitro models representing specific features within the human body. For 90.10., the Dartsch Scientific Institute investigates, among others, the renewal of cell cultures under the influence of quantum energy.

Pit: “My scepticism on the effectiveness of the 90.10. technology on cultured cells at the beginning of the investigations has turned into enthusiasm. With every new experimental study, I'm again surprised by the showing the beneficial effects of this technology.”
Kristina 90.10.


English Voice & Feedback Video Management
Kristina grew up in an environment where meditating and feeling and manifesting energy were normal. By developing these skills, she perceived things beyond the visible at an early age. Reiki has been a companion for Kristina; she received her first Reiki degree at the age of six. She found her calling in this life in showing people the multidimensional aspect of their consciousness and letting them feel their inner power. A certified QHHT therapist since 2018, she practices this, among other things, through quantum hypnosis. This special technique knows no space and time limitations and thus allows everyone to realize the true essence of their self outside the physical form. Because verbal languages also play an important role in Kristina's life, she speaks four languages fluently and has assisted people all over the world through quantum hypnosis. At 90.10., Kristina is the English voice of the audio guides. She also manages the feedback videos that are sent in.

Kristina: "Working with 90.10 and being the voice for the English section is an incredible honor."
Asim 90.10.


Studies on the effects of the MedBed and the VirtualCube
As an author, wellness journalist, motivational speaker as well as business and life coach, Asim Aliloski supports 90.10. in promoting the possibilities offered by 90.10. technology.

Asim studied business and financial management and founded his coaching and consulting company Asim Aliloski International at the age of 25. Today he is one of the 101 Most Fabulous Coaches in the World, among the Top 20 Business Coaches, and among the Top 50 Influential Leaders. He has also won the European Enterprise Award several times. In his work, Asim Aliloski explores spiritual intelligence and combines elements from ancient Greek philosophy with universal spirituality from Sufism and Buddhism as well as transformative coaching. He has published several spiritual guides as well as articles on personal development in internationally renowned media. His mission is to share and promote spiritual wisdom to raise the energy and consciousness of people and businesses.

Asim: “The 90.10. technology has enabled me to expand my consciousness and, thus, express my higher potentials even more. 90.10. has now become my daily companion.”
Walter 90.10.


Expert in hard science research in the field of physics
Walter Meinl explores the effect of quantum energy on radioactivity for 90.10. and explains the physical links between quantum energy, magnetism, and electricity generation.

Walter found his technical spirit of research when he joined the family business after studying mechanical engineering. The technology of the workshop allowed him to tinker freely, with the extraction of energy or energy optimization as his goal. Convinced of the existence of free energy, he developed a Bedini Wheel, a hypersonic acupuncture device and components for motor vehicles that influence the fuel mixture in such a way as to reduce consumption and improve emission quality. He found his way to 90.10. through the press and optimized his components for the motor vehicles by using a previous version of todays 90.10.-CUBE. He thus caught the interest of 90.10. and was assigned to carry out research. One of his tests provided the proof that quantum energy can lower radioactivity in drinking water, even below the level of background radiation and down to zero. Walter also contributes his knowledge in guides.

Walter: “I have been researching with the 90.10. technology since 2013. To this day, I am amazed at how effective the 90.10. method is both in physical processes and in the private area of health maintenance.”
Ekta 90.10.


Head of visual development in the 90.10. studio
Ekta creates high-quality graphics for 90.10. and realizes even more sophisticated animations. In particular, with the MedBed and the VirtualCube, this was a very special challenge. After all, the goal was to represent something virtual, something invisible, as it looks in quantum space. In her work, Ekta finds it very heartwarming to tell a story through stunning animation. To do this, she draws on an extensive arsenal of tools that she learned to use from a young age and eventually while studying at the Maya Academy of Advanced Cinematics.

Ekta: “90.10. offers me many opportunities to learn, gain experience and give my best. I’ve always wanted to get better every day, and I believe I’m in the right place at 90.10. I look ahead. Never settle. Do the right thing. Be yourself!”
Rainer 90.10.


Preparation of studies through water crystal photography
As an expert in the three-dimensional display of frozen water droplets, Rainer Niederkofer provides visual evidence of the effectiveness of 90.10. technology in various fields.

Rainer learned the secrets of water as a healing agent from an extraordinary person who influenced water in a unique way. He accompanied him, completed training as a healer and studies in radionics – a special technique that can be used to treat bio-organisms over a distance. He quit his job as a scientific assistant in a research institution and started his own healing studio. Inspired by Masaru Emoto, Rainer found his way to water crystal photography. He developed his own method displaying the frozen water crystals in their original 3D form. Thus, he shows how they react to words, music, images, etc. Together with his wife, he also makes art installations from crystals to harmonize space. With one of these studies, he proved that quantum energy is able to regenerate water that has been harmed by mobile phone radiation.

Rainer: “I have been enthusiastic about 90.10. from the very beginning. The topic of distance healing is something I have been familiar with for many years. I find the way it is applied at 90.10. extremely exciting and promising. I am happy to be able to support the journey of 90.10. with my work.”
Moritz 90.10.


Composer of the 90.10. Music
As a composer and producer, Moritz looks back on a wonderfully turbulent journey: he has produced number 1 albums, received awards for film music, and realized gigantic creations in show, pop orchestra and musical internationally, but he has also suffered setbacks. After a death sentence from conventional medicine, he put his faith in quantum healing and experienced healing. He also discovered his love for essential and highly energetic music. At musical channeling events, Moritz and a dear friend conduct live guided meditations to send high vibrational frequencies into the world, wherever healing is needed. When Oliver asked Moritz if he would like to create a sounding music for the 90.10 MedBed, he immediately agreed. Once again, the collaboration shows him the genius of two combined fields: they do not double but potentiate each other. Hallelujah!

Moritz: "I'm happy and fulfilled that Oliver called me and together we give the ingenious 90.10. MedBed the epic high vibrating soundtrack it deserves, thus uniting light and sound in the highest potentiated form."
Sabine 90.10.


Product Designer
After studying nutritional sciences, Sabine left the confines of science and her native Germany. In California, she expanded her view through the innovative, very health-oriented lifestyle there. In New Zealand and Switzerland, she deepened her knowledge of holistic healing methods, alternative diets, and detox. She was co-founder of EJUVA, a colon cleansing method working with organic herbs. Today, as an integral life coach, Sabine wholeheartedly enjoys accompanying people on their path to their own activation, so that they can discover and live their inner potential. In everything, she always has a holistic, integral view that focuses on the well-being of people and humanity.

Sabine: "My central question finds completely new answers at 90.10. What does our body need to be the best temple for our spiritual experience here on earth? The technologies of 90.10. open up unimagined possibilities for us humans and are, in my opinion, exactly what awake people need in this new phase of human history in order to be able to participate sovereignly in the ascension of the world."
Christopher 90.10.


Product Designer
Christopher has more than 30 years of experience in product design, aesthetics, and art. He was the owner of three interior design shops in Cologne and Duesseldorf with industry leading furniture and interior suppliers and services. He is an intuitive painting artist and held exhibitions in several German cities like Cologne and Bremen as well as in Amagansett in the Hamptons and in Sanibel, Florida. He now brings his know-how into the 90.10. family. It is his joy and dedication to develop immersive products that merge art, design and beauty and serve as interconnection points between the physical and the quantum field.

Christopher: “Meeting Oliver and the sheer limitless possibilities of 90.10. deeply inspired and motivated me as I believe Oliver’s Faster than Light technology can empower us all.”