Do research with the virtual 90.10. MedBed!

Be part of what is so far probably the most extensive international study on the effect of 90.10. quantum entanglement! 90.10. provides 100,000 virtual MedBeds free of charge.
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The 90.10. MedBed for research purpose

The future starts now: What was unthinkable in our reality just a few years ago has become reality with the technology of the 90.10. MedBed. This virtual bed teleports quantum energy and frequencies into the body, being controlled by speech or mentally through commands. It is extremely safe to use and free of side effects.

In order to gather empirical values from users and to find out whether there are limits to the 90.10. MedBed, we are launching what is so far probably the largest international study on the effect of 90.10. quantum entanglement.

For this, we offer 100,000 people with physical complaints the opportunity of free testing. You can do it too. In return, we expect all participants to share a weekly report in the form of a feedback video. This way we can make sure that you are using our technology for its intended purpose and that you are actually testing it. Another purpose of the feedback videos is open and honest communication. By sharing our experiences with each other, we as a human family find out whether and to what extent new technologies such as 90.10. quantum entanglements can have a positive influence on our quality of life.

Get a 90.10. MedBed and support our research!

All information on how to use the MedBed in our research project can be found in a special online course that we are currently preparing. A prior registration is not necessary. The only requirement is that you have already taken our free 8-hour test to try out the MedBed. If you haven't taken the test yet but are interested in a MedBed for research purposes, please do so. You'll find the respective link at the end of the welcome page, right above the feedback section.

Please be patient for the moment and visit this website again. If you find a button below this text linking to the online course, you're ready to go.

You want to leave the MedBed research to others? Find the 90.10, MedBed for sale at our Quantum Frequency Medicine Network (QFMN).